Locating your business in the center of the state and Southeast Region is one of the best decisions you can make. Existing industries love this location and convenience to Atlanta and Augusta. If you are looking for exquisite quality of life that is nature-based yet a booming business climate, choose Monticello and Jasper County.

To help you decide:

Jasper County is  within a 25-mile radius from I-75 and I-20, depending on your location in the county. It is within a 60-mile radius of Atlanta and next door to some of the most thriving areas of the state so our economic outlook is #1.

Jasper has available sites that you can review. The different municipalities offer competitive incentives for your business;  fair taxes, utilities (see summer and/or winter rates), and State Tax Incentives. The workforce is plentiful and increasing in skills, and Jasper has become a Certified Work Ready county ( located in the Atlanta MSA).

This county has advanced technology for such a small community. AT&T works well with our new industries and can meet any need you may have. If you are wondering Why to Locate in Monticello-Jasper County look no further.

If several states are tugging at you do not hesitate to learn Why to Locate in Georgia. It is the 5th most attractive state in the nation for business location. International Trade division at the Georgia Department of Economic Development is extremely helpful in growing your company globally. Resources such as, the Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute and Georgia Power, are there to assure success in Georgia. It is the state “Where Dreams Come True”.