Vision Statement: To be a unifying force in promoting Jasper County’s growth and prosperity.

Mission Statement: The Chamber will promote a unified Jasper County, encouraging new business development, supporting existing businesses, and promoting tourism to ensure the long term success of the community.

Membership Eligibility: Any reputable business firm, individual, association, corporation, partnership or estate, having an interest in the objectives of the Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Where We Are located: The Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce is located on the Historic Square of Monticello, Georgia, in the renovated Benton Mercantile Store, built in 1903, now known as the Government Complex and Visitors’ Center at 119 West Washington Street. The centenarian building is also home to the Scenic Byways Trailhead Center.

For information, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 706-468-8994