Getting Started:

  • All you must do to get started is find some rocks (or buy them), paint em and hide them! Please use the page to post pictures of the rocks you’ve painted and hopefully some hints so we can find your rocks!
  • If you find a rock, please post a pic of the rock you’ve found too!! I’m sure we can all agree – we want to see the joy our rocks bring to people
  •  If possible and in attempt to grow our group – when you’re painting your rocks – please add, “Jasper County GA Rocks ; Find Us on FB” to the back of your rock.
  • If you find a rock you really would like to keep, please paint a rock and hide it to replace the one you are keeping! If you don’t want to keep it, simply re-hide it in a new location and post a hint for the next person to find it ?
  • Need inspiration for your rock painting? Pinterest is an excellent start. You can also do a Google image search for painted rocks and get ideas from there.
  • In an effort to keep your creativity for the long haul – it is suggested that you seal your rock after it’s been painted. you can purchase a clear sealant at Jasper County Lumber Company and Family Dollar and Dollar General– don’t forget to use your coupons!
  • Most of all – HAVE FUN!!!
    Not So Fun Stuff:
  • Please do not trespass on people’s property to hide rocks or take their decorative rocks from their yards to paint them. This disclaimer is on every “rocks” page so I feel like it has happened and needs to be mentioned.
  • Painted rocks reflect the painter’s opinion and creativity – this page is not responsible for any painted rocks that you may feel are inappropriate.
  • When you paint a rock and hide – please consider it a gift to the community and let it go. There is the possibility that you’ll never know what happened with this rock and that’s ok. You’ve more than likely brought a smile to someone’s face when they found it.
  • Please do not hide rocks where they can be damaging to property such as lawn mowers or weed whackers.
  • Please do not hide rocks inside of stores unless you have permission of the store owner/manager. Outside is the preferred place for leaving your creations, that way it doesn’t look like we are putting items from inside a store in our pockets or purses.
    Let’s get creative and bring the community together!