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Leadership Jasper

Class of 2017

Tamala Alexander, Susan Denney, Joann Jordan, Kim McMichael
Rachel Torrance, Towonder Dennis, Wendi Helms, Jacki Tyler,
Carol Atkinson, Robin Carey, Robert Cumbie, Gail Harrell, Nathaniel Long
Not Pictured:  Joseph Hinton, Trey Gafnea


Leadership Jasper…

Have you recently moved to the community?  Do you work in Jasper County?  Do you have an employee that  is new  to the community?  Are you interested in becoming more involved or would you like to take on a leadership role?  How about becoming active in our community or meeting other community leaders?  Looking for cultural diversity and opening new doors?  Then Leadership Jasper 2019 wants you!

Leadership Jasper 2019 is a program with a purpose.  It is designed to help leaders and potential leaders develop leadership skills required to improve the local conditions for economic development within communities.

Communities utilizing these basic principles of success help create an environment of shared vision by bringing together diverse groups of individuals who exhibit enthusiasm and motivation. This leadership structure can ultimately attract all kinds of positive outcomes for a community.

Leadership Jasper 2019 is part of a comprehensive plan to involve citizens, leaders and future leaders in the process of development decisions and governance. Together, understanding the roles of leadership and the interaction between entities can become an influential and strong component factoring in improving the quality of life in our county.

Tuition is $85.00 per applicant.

For more information on the Leadership Jasper program:
Pam Mayer, President – Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce
706-468-8994   [email protected]

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