Chair:  Russell Hicks – Georgia Power
Vice Chair:  Tom Joye – Farmer’s Market Representative and Artisan
Treasurer: Leah Campbell – Hamilton State Bank
Secretary: Tracey Nelson – The Bank of Monticello

Term Members:
Towonder Dennis – Adam’s Beauty Supply/Towonder’s Beauty Salon
Jeff Greeson – Central Georgia EMC
Russell Hicks – Jasper County Citizen
Tom Joye – Farmer’s Market Representative and Artisan
Tamala Alexander – Jasper County Library
Robert Cumbie – Jasper Health Services
Rob Andrews – Never to Late Home for Boys
Tracey Nelson – Bank of Monticello
Leah Campbell – Hamilton State Bank
Susan Denny – Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic
Renae Watts – Bulldog Gym

Ex-Officio Members:
Lathadra Sands 
– City Clerk, City of Monticello
Mike Benton – County Manager, Jasper County
To be assigned – City of Shady Dale
Ty Snyder – Jasper County Board of Education
Linda Simmons – Southern Crescent Technical College

Mandi Tanner – Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
Katie Cannon – Tourism Manager